Financial Markets

Financial Markets Masterclass

Prepare for Financial markets like never before. Most effective masterclass on the subject after which you will get complete knowledge of the subject.

– 5 Modules
– 6 Quizes
– Case Studies
– & Much more

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Aditi Nahata
Masters in Business and Management- Duke University, USA
Equity and Derivatives Analyst, Proprietary Trading
Financial Transformation Consultant, EXL Services
Investment Banking Analyst

What will you learn from the Financial Markets Masterclass

Course Content

– Financial Markets and its role
– Financial Markets by Segment
– Primary Vs Secondary Markets
– Real vs Financial Asstes
– Financial Instruments
– Players in the Financial Markets
– The Investment Process– real time walkthrough

– Introduction to the Module
– Time Value of Money
– Net Present Value
– Annuities vs Perpetuities
– Effective Interest Rate
– Introduction to Financial Statements
– Financial Statemet Walkthrough
– Ratio Analysis
– Ratio Analysis- Walkthrough

– Introduction to the mdoule
– Prerequisties and th process of trading
– Types of Orders
– What drives the market
– Anlaysing Equity- Introduction to fundamental Analysis
– Analysing Equity- Technical Analysis
– Gordon Growth Model
– Valuation Ratios
– Valuation Ratios Walkthrough
– Discounted Cash Flow Model
– DCF Walkthrough
– Investment Philosophies
– Introduction to Portfolios

– Introduction to the Module
– Introduction to Risk and Return
– Investment choices and Portfolio: Utility Theory
– Utility Function and Capital Allocation
– Optimal Portfolio – Risky and Risk free Asset
– Capital Allocation- Rsiky Assets
– Optimal Portfolio – Risky Assets
– Capital Asset Pricing Model
– Portfolio Performance Evaluation

– Intrtoduction
– Fixed Income Markets
– Fixed Income Strategies
– Derivatives Market- Futures
– Futures Strategy
– Options
– Call Options
– Put Options
– Options Trading Strategies
– Currency Markets
– Currency Market Strategies
– Closing Notes
– Final Quiz

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