{"title":"test","content":"IIM Ahmedabad, the CAT exam convening IIM, has released the official CAT\u00a0 Notification 2021 on 31st July 2021, the CAT exam full form Common Admission Test will be conducted on 28th November 2021. The CAT notification includes the CAT test schedule, programs offered by IIMs, CAT eligibility, and other crucial facts. It is recommended that you do not schedule any other activities because the CAT notification details will take up the majority of your last weekend day i.e Sunday. The CAT registration process will begin from\u00a04th August morning 10:00 am<\/strong>\u00a0on the CAT Exam official website iimcat.ac.in.\r\n\r\nThe CAT Notification is a document issued by the CAT convening IIM that provides all critical information such as the CAT exam schedule, IIM programs offered, CAT eligibility, CAT registration and exam dates, application fee, and some announcements. The Convener of the CAT 2021 exam is Professor M.P. Ram Mohan, professor at IIM Ahmedabad in the Business Policy Area and Chairperson Admissions at IIM Ahmedabad. The CAT 2021 exam will be held under his supervision with TCS as a testing partner. Despite the hurdles, he is confident in his ability to complete the CAT on time.","thumbnail_url":"https:\/\/engage7x.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2021\/06\/M12.jpg"}